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Peoples of Europe — rise up!

The danger of world war hangs over the con­tin­ent like a threat­en­ing storm. For the stock port­fo­li­os of bil­lion­aire mono­poly bosses in the Deutsche Bank and the Société Générale, the peoples of Europe shall to go through the meat grinder of war. The emer­ging war eco­nomy, intensifies the rob­bery and destruc­tion of oppressed peoples and nature. With even great­er speed, the plan­et is on the brink of col­lapse. The next valu­able raw mater­i­al depos­its are torn from the earth to be sense­lessly devoured by the war machine. The few bright spots of indus­tri­al pro­gress and sci­entif­ic break­throughs are des­troyed or turned into bru­tal machines of destruc­tion. Ammuni­tion, tanks, artil­lery — the arsen­als of the mil­it­ary are emp­tied and shipped east. The profit machine is hum­ming, the share prices of the arms industry are shoot­ing through the roof, once again the great war is to save the bil­lion­aires from their nev­er-end­ing crisis. So that Møller-Mærsk retains con­trol of the mari­time trade. So that the German mono­pol­ists can grab the wheat, the black earth and the titani­um depos­its of the Ukraine, so that the French and Ger­man gen­er­als and man­agers can con­tin­ue to plun­der the peoples of Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe from their fort­ress in Brus­sels. Every day that this world remains in the clutches of the exploit­ing class is a lost day for human­ity. In our coun­tries, this rule of the bour­geois­ie means dein­dus­tri­al­isa­tion, deskilling, destruc­tion and war against oth­er peoples and the threat of fas­cism. What serves the exploiters, the Ger­man, French and also Dan­ish, des­troys the future and the life of the youth.
But Fort­ress Europe is built on sand. The port and steel workers of Italy, the Brit­ish rail­way work­ers and the French refinery work­ers are already mak­ing the fort­ress tremble. The gen­er­al strike in Greece and the struggle of the entire French people against Macron’s emer­gency regime shows that the work­ing class is strong. We are in the prime of our his­tory, we can overcome defeats and gath­er our strength again. Imper­i­al­ism is weak, the rule of the tiny clique of fin­an­cial spec­u­lat­ors and bil­lion­aires becomes more unstable the more the strug­gling work­ers in Europe move from their eco­nom­ic demands to their polit­ic­al struggles.
The peoples have no interest in pay­ing for the pred­at­ory wars of the monopol­ists with their labour or the lives of their chil­dren. The wars of the exploiters are wars against the pro­let­ari­at and the lib­er­a­tion of the people. How long the infirm­ity of this last exploit­ing soci­ety will con­tin­ue, how many more wars they can instig­ate, is solely a ques­tion of the working class, the peoples, the fight­ing youth of all coun­tries. A ques­tion of how quickly we build our bas­tions, our organ­isa­tions, our power to liberate human­ity and build social­ism.
It is we, the work­ing youth, who will either end this war by being at the fore­front of the upris­ing against the exploiters, or our gen­er­a­tion will go into the hor­rors of the peoples sloughter. Build­ing and oper­at­ing the hightech machines, the Eurofight­ers, Euro­hawks, Leclerc and Leo­pards, the logist­ics, the dirty work in the trenches, for all this the mil­it­ar­ists need the work­ers youth. Cap­it­al­ism still has noth­ing to offer us but this murderer’s craft. The bit­ter exper­i­ence of our Ukrain­i­an and Rus­si­an brothers and sis­ters dic­tates to us, as to them: Revolt against the war!
Our most import­ant task is: to find the fast­est and most effect­ive way to lead the pro­let­ari­an revolu­tion to vic­tory and on this way to ban­ish the danger of a third imper­i­al­ist world war, which could pos­sibly wipe out humanity.

  • For this, the com­mon prac­tic­al act is necessary.
  • So that our slo­gan “Revolu­tions end wars — Peace is red” is one that the youth of our and oth­er coun­tries make their own!